How do I move my broadband service to a new address?

Moving to a new home? We want to come with you!

Firstly, you need to use the availability checker to see if we're available at your new address. 

We're available at your new home? Excellent, get in touch with us to notify us of your move and we'll sort it out for you - easy-peasy! Helpful tip: make sure to pack your router and any cables and boosters when you move. You'll need them in your new home!If we aren't available in your new property, get in touch with us - make sure to have a copy of your new tenancy or mortgage agreement as we will need this. Helpful tip: make sure to take any You equipment with you on your home move if you've not returned it to us yet - we will need this backFrom everyone at You - congratulations on your new home, and we hope the move goes smoothly!

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